IR Ending Verbs

All IR ending verbs (that are regular) will have conjugation done in this way for present, past and future conditions. Some regular IR ending verbs are listed below these charts.

Present Tense drop -IR ending and add:
I yo -o vivir (to live) => yo vivo (I live)
you (informal) -es tú vives (you live)
you (formal) usted -e ud. vive (you live)
we nosotros -imos nosotros vivimos (we live)
you (informal) vosotros -ís vosotros vivís (you all/they live)
you (formal) ellos, ustedes -en uds. viven (you all/they live)
Past Tense drop -IR ending and add:
I yo vivir (to live) => yo viví (I lived)
you (informal) -iste tú viviste (you lived)
you (formal) usted -ió ud. vivió (you lived)
we nosotros -imos nosotros vivimos (we lived)
you (informal) vosotros -isteis vosotros vivisteis (you all/they lived)
you (formal) ellos, ustedes -ieron uds. vivieron (you all/they lived)
Future Tense drop -IR ending and add:
I yo -iré vivir (to live) => yo viviré (I will live)
you (informal) -irás tú vivirás (you will live)
you (formal) usted -irá ud. vivirá (you will live)
we nosotros -iremos nosotros viviremos (we will live)
you (informal) vosotros -iréis vosotros viviréis (you all/they will live)
you (formal) ellos, ustedes -irán uds. vivirán (you all/they will live)
abatir to overthrow abolir to abolish
abrir to open aburrir to bore
acudir to attend admitir to admit
añadir to join / augment aplaudir to applaud
asistir to attend asumir to assume
combatir to fight confundir to confuse
consumir to consume cubrir to cover
cumplir to complete decidir to decide
definir to define deprimir to depress
describir to desribe descubrir to discover
discutir to discuss distinguir to distinguish
disuadir to dissuade dividir to divide
emitir to emit escribir to write
escupir to spit exhibir to exhibit
existir to exist imprimir to print
incurrir to incur inscribir to inscribe
insistir to insist interrumpir to interrupt
invadir to invade ocurrir to occur
omitir to omit partir to divid
percibir to perceive permitir to permit
persistir to persist persuadir to persuade
presidir to preside presumir to presume
prohibir to prohibit pudrir to rot
pulir to polish recibir to recieve
sacudir to shake off subir to go up
sufrir to suffer transcribir to transcribe
transmitir to transmit unir to unite

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