Do you live in London and want to practice Spanish?


We meet and we talk about different subjects during our meetups in order to use as much and vary vocabulary as possible. I take note of the mistakes that each of you do during the meetups and of the new vocabulary we use each meetup. The last 10 minutes of the meetup I do a summing up of the things that each of you should strengthen and point your improvements. I adapt each meetup to you so none is similar to another one. The same day of our meetup (late in the evening) all of you that came to the meetup receives a mail from me with links to subjects we discussed in our meetup in Spanish for you to read and get new vocabulary, I detail the mistakes you had and you should improve, I write a list of the new vocabulary we used in our meetup, I give you a list of colloquial word and phrases in Spanish (around 15 of them) which you’ll learn only living in Spain but not in the books, and I suggest some homework to do at home in order to improve whatever you need (grammar, listening, speaking…) to improve. Homework are not mandatory to do but you certainly benefit doing them

• We meet and talk about different subjects (more vocabulary).

• I take note of mistakes and new vocabulary used.

• I do sum up the last 10 minutes of the meetup.

• I solve questions regarding grammar.

• Same day of meetup you receive a mail which:

•      links to subjects we discussed in meetup in Spanish

•      list of new vocabulary

•      your mistakes

•      list of colloquial words and phrases (around 15, sometimes even more)

•      I suggest homework to do at home


We meet in Dalston at Cafe Oto (Dalston):

Cafe Oto, 18-22 Ashwin Street,, Dalston, London E8 3DL 

Morning Meetups:

Tuesday 10.15-12.00

Wednesday 10.15-12.00

Thursday 12.15-14.00

Friday 10.15-12.00


Evening Meetups:

Wednesday 19.30-20.30

And we meet  at the Yellow Warbler (Stoke Newington):

Yellow Warbler, 9 Northwold Road London N16 7HL, London

Afternoon Meetups:

Thursdays 15.00- 16.45


Meetups are £8.00 per person and spaces are limited to 8-9 of us in order to keep a small group in each meetup.

Payment is either by cash (previous sms confirming attendance) or Paypal (option of “giving money to a friend” in order to avoid fees).


You get a full refund when the meetup is cancelled.

What people say about us:

 The easiest way to explain this conversation group is that you will come away saying to yourself “hang on a minute, I just spoke and understood Spanish”. This is because that’s all you do. When it comes to learning something I have always believed that there is no such think as a bad student but there is a bad teacher. Azahara is a very good teacher. I struggled with listening and came away from my first conversation meetup thinking ‘Oh no, I didn’t understand anything’. This was very strange because I know the grammar well and read a lot of Spanish articles and books. I explained this to Azahara and she told me where I was going wrong. That same evening I put it to the test and watched a short Spanish film from the internet and could not believe what I was hearing. I could actually hear words and sentences. Now at each meetup I adapt the same method as explained to me and again I have a good level of listening understanding. Wow! Muchas gracias Azahara. 

— Tyrone on Mar 13, 2015.

  •  Azahara’s conversation group is perfectly pitched to help you gain confidence and improve your spoken Spanish. She takes time to help you with any specfic problems on grammar or vocabulary, yet somehow manages to maintain a free flowing conversation covering any number of topics, so it’s not a “lesson”, it’s communication. More than that, after the meet-up she forwarded a number of links to Spanish sites of interest to help with listening skills and vocabulary. This is a seriously good group. 

    — John Smith on Mar 12, 2015.

  •  If you want to learn Spanish quickly this is definitely the group to attend. Azahara has a direct approach which results in quick learning. She always takes the time to explain things without resorting to speaking in English. 

    — John Henry on Jan 28, 2015.

  •  If you want to be tutored in spanish by someone who challenges you then look no further than Azahara. There is only one way to learn another language and that is to speak that langauage. In this class that is all you do – speak spanish. It is impossible not to improve your spanish in Azahara’s class! Look no further than here if you want to learn more than just a few key phrases and conjugations. This is where you will actually learn to speak! 

    — Jack Lerman on Jan 13, 2015.

    How to find us?


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