El Artículo

In traditional grammar, the article called determinant is defined as the undefined factor that relates to the meaning.


Nouns (Sustantivos) designate the actions, places, people, events, concrete or abstract ideas, and so on. In Spanish, these can be feminine or masculine, grammatically speaking. Sometimes, this classification does not make sense for an English speaking student. “La cama” (the bed) is not regarded as a genius of a “female object” nature, but as an inanimate object is feminine, because it ends in “a”, which is an indication of gender: most nouns ending in “a” are feminine in Spanish. There are some general rules that are not absolute on gender of nouns.

The articles are divided into definite (or determinants) and indefinite (or indeterminant).


* Items that are defined are those that speak of something known and can be identified.
* The indefinite articles are those that speak of something not known or cannot be identified.


Definite Indefinite
Singular Plural Singular Plural
Masculine el los un unos
Feminine la las una unas

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