Hola, que tal?

How are you doing? All good?

We are so excited you are here!! We have just started our new path in teaching Spanish this way and we are really looking forward to meet you and chat, chat, chat and see how your Spanish improves.

As you know we meet weekly in Hackney (London) at the cafe of the Arcola Theatre.

If you are close enough to attend our MeetUp weekly meetings, please come along and chat with us. It will be a great opportunity to you to meet other people who are studying and learning Spanish plus you’ll be with a qualified mother-tongue teacher who will correct your mistakes, will chat with you and will teach some some usual common expressions and will torture you with her Spanish jokes! 🙂

If on the contrary you are far from us… No worries!! We have our beloved internet!! We have classes online via Skype so you’ll still be tortured with her Spanish jokes! For information about the classes please contact us via Skype or Facebook.

Because, Yes!!! We are in Facebook!! Yeah!!!! Come and join our community for free. Let your friends know about us! We’ll share tips, problems related to pronunciation that can come across in our weekly meetings, some useful grammar information (of course you know grammar already but we’ll help you a bit with that too), interesting facts about Spain and Spanish… Come over!! Be part of the Community!


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